Field Visits

Thursday, January 23, 2014, 2:00 P.M

The conference has lined up field visits to a comprehensive range of government and non-government organizations within Metro Manila that are involved in promoting, providing and empowering communities and groups in upholding their SRHR. Included are organizations involved in development work and are associated with women, men, adolescents and youth, elderly and communities with specific and special needs.

Field trips have been pre-arranged for the following destinations:

Blue Star Birthing and Family Planning Clinic

Located in a slum area of Malabon, Metro Manila, Blue Star is a family planning franchise run by a licensed midwife. Population Services Pilipinas Incorporated (PSPI), a not-for-profit organization, opened the clinic in 2008 to increase availability of accessible and affordable quality family planning to services to poor urban dwellers. PSPI is a part of the Marie Stopes International Global Partnership that takes pride in providing proven and sustainable health and FP services to various sectors and communities.

Cattleya Well Family Midwife Clinic

Established by IMCH, Cattleya is a midwife owned and managed clinic that offers maternal and child services, including pregnancy test, pre natal care, delivery and post natal care as well as baby care including immunization. They also offer FP counseling, services, supplies as well as basic emergency health services

Family Planning Organization of the Philippines

FPOP is a reproductive health service provider and anadvocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all Filipinos. It is a nationwide organization of professional and community-based volunteers that educate communities about SRHR, especially the poor, marginalized, socially excluded and underserved. Currently, FPOP operates 25 Community Health Care Clinics (CHCCs) that provide a range of reproductive health care services.

Klinika Bernardo

Klinika Bernardo is the first sun-down facility that provides voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), antiretroviral treatment (ART) and STI testing and management especially for males who have sex with males and transgender people.

Likhaan Clinic

Likhaan Center for Women’s Health is located in Tondo, one of the poorest districts of Manila. The clinic provides basic services such as annual check-up, family planning workshops and medical consultations. They also offer a wide range of modern contraceptives. It is managed by Likhaan, a women’s health and reproductive rights NGO engaged in establishing and running community-based primary health care centers focused on women in poor urban communities, conducting education and training on gender, health, rights and development for grassroots women and NGOs.

Positive Action Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI)

PAFPI was founded on September 1998 as a response to the need for care and support for people infected and affected with HIV and AIDS. It is managed and operated by HIV+ Filipinos and is one of the pioneer HIV+ organizations in the country serving the PLWHAs and their families. PAFPI was cited by the UNESCAP for its best practice in the conduct of basic HIV/AIDS education and condom promotion for Filipino migrant workers. It spearheaded the successful access of PLHIV to generic ARV treatment in the Philippines and the inclusion of ARV treatment in the Philippine National Drug Formulatory.PAFPI

LoveYourself Hub

The Love Yourself Hub serves as a resource center for HIV/AIDS and STI awareness and knowledge, counseling and education, wellness, prevention, cure and rehabilitation. It is a community-base center that specifically serves the needs of youth and LGBT-MSM.

San Dionisio Clinic (Baluti)

The San Dionisio Clinic is operated by Barangay San Dionisio in Paranaque City, Metro Manila. The clinic caters to most-at-risk groups such as gang leaders, drug users, and adolescents with multiple sexual partners and risky sexual behavior. BALUTI, a youth-led organization composed of peer educators who were once at-risk adolescents tap the services of the clinic for counseling and HIV/STI services.

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